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Big Beach
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Parida Island lies ten miles offshore from the second largest city in Panama, David. Accessible only by boat, the most common port of departure is Pedrigal Harbor. The extreme tides in Panama fluctuate 15' from high to low every 8 hours. The 30 to 45 minute boat ride through the mangrove-lined river and out past the sandbar where the river meets the sea is best to be timed with a high tide departure and return trip.

Parida is part of the National Park system and one of very few islands that can be privately owned. Its peak elevation is 800' and has a dense forest of old growth hardwood trees. Approaching the island by boat, the depth within 500' of land averages 9' but can be as shallow as 4'. There are white sand beaches encircling the island and the west side has a large bay that is sheltered from Pacific storms by another offshore island, Paridita. It is here within the old pirate cove that the best mooring site exists. With a depth of 10' and blocked from the swell and onshore winds, the bay is capable of holding nearly 40 yachts on anchor. A small hat shaped island 100' from the beach could be used to station a pier that extended all the way to our shore.

Baby Beach
Baby Beach

The parcel for sale totals 128.5 acres or 52 hectares. (An additional 30 acres adjacent also available) Two freshwater streams with excellent drinking water flows year round from a spring bubbling up further inland in the highlands. Mature fruit trees planted long ago are scattered throughout the property. There are multiple building sites all over the property and two of the best ones have been cleared and trails cut to access them.

Tara holding a dorado fishA two hour journey by boat southwest will bring you to the world famous Hannibal Banks with great trolling all the way. With a seamount rising from 7,000' to a depth of 150', the area is renowned for its record breaking big game fish. Blue Marlin have been caught weighing up to 1900 lbs. and yellowfin and bigeye tuna top the scale at 300 lbs. Wahoo and Mahi school along the banks in the springtime run north and anglers regularly catch large numbers of them. If you try your luck at drifting along the ledge and sending a line down 100 fathoms, you never know what may show up on the other end.

Parida Island has unlimited possibilities for the creative thinker to generate a unique situation here. This is a stopping point for the cruising community seeking anchorage. Perfect for a jungle ecolodge, beach bungalows, much needed marina, sport fishing operation, restaurant, store, or your own private estate with no one to bother you.

All inquiries should be directed to 831-818-5102 USA, country code from outside the USA is 001 or use our contact form to send us an email message.

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