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Dorado caught by TaraA two hour or less journey by boat southwest will bring you to the world famous Hannibal Bank. With a seamount rising from 7,000’ to a depth of 150’, the area is renowned for its record breaking big game fish. Blue Marlin have been caught weighing up to 1900 lbs. And yellowfin and bigeye tuna top the scale at 300 lbs. Wahoo and Mahi school along the bank in the springtime run north and anglers regularly catch large numbers Mahi caught by Taraof them. If you try your luck at drifting along the ledge and sending a line down 100 fathoms, you never know what may show up on the other end. The numerous small islands, including Parida, and waters surrounding, and your journey to and from the Hannibal Bank are a tremendous habitat for fish. Inshore fishing is touted as unmatched. With all these combinations in the areas, some 30 species of fish are available, including the Cubera snapper, Pacific sailfish, snook, blue travelly, jack crevelle, sierra mackerel, rainbow runners, amberjack, pompano.

A big snapper!

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