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Maps and Aerial Views
Aerial view of Isla Parida Large area map showing mainland Map of Isla Parida Safe Harbor depth chart

Tara with Dorado fish Hauling in a marlin Holding large fish Tara excited about catching a fish
Hooked tuna near the boat Tuna on board boat Holding snapper fish  

Isla Parida Foliage
Typical jungle foliage Palms behind the main beach Fresh water stream Grove by house

Safe Harbor Views
Safe harbor overview View of channel out to sea Main beach and Safe Harbor at lower tide Main beach and Safe Harbor at higher tide
Harbor view from the cliff View of the near shore mini island from the main beach    

Main Beach
View off the main beach Lagoon end of the main beach Lagoon outlet on main beach Offshore of the main beach
View from lagoon outlet of main beach Rock island just off the main beach View just off the main beach View from behind the palms on the main beach
Stand of palms by the main beach Main beach buildings Wide expanse of the main beach  

Baby Beach and Black Sand Beach
Baby Beach Outcropping Ancient Tree Behind the Baby Beach Offshore of the Baby Beach Foundation by the Baby White Sand Beach
Offshore of the Black Sand Beach      



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