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Currently held in a Panamanian corporation. Being in the Park system, the land has been held for over 40 years by Right of Possession as most privately held island property. With the advent of the new island law, you can step in the shoes of all prior owners in qualifying for direct title if desired. Some owners are applying and some are not. You can proceed with concessions on your land if desired and advantage of direct title is arguable. However, the long awaited guidelines are now set out if desired. Various facilities are now in the planning stages for Parida Island. No part of this island can offer all in one the safe harbor, channel depth, mooring capabilities, safe and clear depth approaching the large white sand beach, a secondary mooring area with black sand beach on the back side, excellent water, absence of mangrove, and other amenities this piece possesses.

Broad expanse of the main beach
Broad expanse of the main beach.

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