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Parida Island lies 10 miles offshore from David, Panama’s 2nd largest city, in the Bay of Chiriqui on the Pacific Coast of Panama adjacent to Costa Rica. Parida is one of 50 small islands located in the beautiful Gulf of Chiriqui. Accessible only by boat, the most common of the 3 ports of departure is Pedrigal Harbor. Paving of roads and Marina upgrades are in process on the other two ports. The extreme tides in Panama fluctuate 15’ from high to low every 8 hours. The 20-45 minute boat ride (depending on which port and boat transport) through the mangrove-lined river, out past the sandbar where the river meets the sea, is best timed with a high tide departure and return.

(This Google map view is zoomed in close on the island property. Click the + and - symbols or use the slider control to zoom out to view the island relative to mainland Panama.)

Larger area map showing Isla Parida and three local ports of call
Isla Parida has three local ports; Pedragal, Chorcha, and Boca Chica

See the Photo Gallery for more images!

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